untitled by Anna Hollow on Flickr.

untitled by Anna Hollow on Flickr.

000074750015 by ✈ Sean Marc Lee 李子仁 on Flickr.
000074750014 by ✈ Sean Marc Lee 李子仁 on Flickr.
Strong Sunset by Belela-san on Flickr.
Mary Pizzoferrato by Luis Montemayor on Flickr.

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Hunting for Colors, Shadows and Reflections in Los Angeles with @sara_cath

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"I’ve been drawn to color and shape since a very young age. I grew up believing the best thing about school is art class and the best thing about going to stayaway camp was getting to shoot photos on a disposable camera," says Los Angeles photographer Sara Catherine Pierce (@sara_cath).

"I’ve found that I have an affinity for those three things in photography: color, shadow and reflection. I use these to highlight what I find dear to me in my every day life," she says. Often, Sara turns to her friends for her photos, snapping colorful portraits of @clickinkris, @qualiitea, @keeegman and others in Los Angeles.

"An introspective portrait can be taken anywhere if draped in beautiful light and if the color surrounding pops," she says. "Color coordination makes me giddy. I’ve been squealing a lot these days when I find a particular shade of teal to photograph!" To catalog her shadow photos, Sara also started a series of shadow portraits with the #hishadowhi hashtag.

No todo lo que pensamos es todo lo que hacemos… En algunas ocasiones solo son ideas flotando en el mundo imaginario.


2014 Festival de Cannes

Jane Campion - the only female director to have won the Palme d’or for The Piano (1993) - will preside over the Jury of the 67th Festival de Cannes

The Official Selection announced today, include new work from David CronenbergJean-Luc GodardOlivier AssayasAtom Egoyan, and Wim Wenders. Also In Competition are Ryan Goslin’s directorial debut, Lost Riverstarring Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes, and The Homesman, an offbeat western by Tommy Lee Jones starring Hillary Swank and Meryl Streep. 

Films of female directors include: Asia Argento’s Incompresa, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg; Alice Rohrwacher’s Le Meraviglie, starring Monica Bellucci; Naomi Kawase's Futatsume no Mado, starring Hideo Sakaki; and July Jung’s A Girl at My Door, starring Doona Bae.

And finally, Wim Wenders will present a restoration of his Palme d’Or winner, Paris, Texas, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Here’s the full lineup for the 67th Cannes


Dream theater pro: A girl let me grab her boob. Dream theater con: A hell demon started chasing me and I had to run away on roller skates.” - @megturney

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Underwater by Luis Montemayor on Flickr.
Lunar Eclipse by davetefft on Flickr.

Lunar Eclipse by davetefft on Flickr.

Model HD Wallpapers 46 by batterjob32 on Flickr.